We have doubled the already rigorous health and safety measures in our laboratories and offices. Our cleaning team works hard several times a day and we have doubled the sanitization frequency of our delivery area. Our team and our patients are precious, we take care of you at all times.

  1. You will continue receiving your medication.
  2. You have access to our counsel and advice, as usual.
  3. It is recommended to continue taking your medication as prescribed except if instructed otherwise.
  4. When in doubt, call us or call your doctor.
  5. We have set up a specialized team to call back patients who have questions and concerns about COVID-19. Patients can also call us at 514 526-7773 or 1-844-526-7771 and a member of our team of expert pharmacists can help them.
  6. We also answer questions from patients who do not take their medication from us; we are there for all those who need the advice of an expert pharmacist.
  7. If you have a question about tests for COVID-19 or if you have symptoms similar to those caused by COVID-19 (fever, cough, breathing difficulties), call 1-877-644-4545.
  8. If you are immunocompromised, and at potential risk you must take additional precautions and practice social distancing to prevent your exposure to COVID-19. Below, you can find some resources from reputable sites to guide you.

The Ministry of Health and Social Services, the College of Physicians and the Quebec Order of Pharmacists have agreed to relax the terms and conditions for pharmacists’ activities.

  1. Prolong a doctor’s prescription if necessary.
  2. Prescribe medication for a minor condition, within four years from the initial diagnosis made by the treating physician.
  3. Substitute medication in case of shortage.
  4. Prescribe and administer vaccines.
  5. Prescribe and administer medication in an emergency.
  6. Collect samples from the pharynx with the use of a swab, for the evaluation of Strep throat, for example.
  7. Prescribe an over-the-counter medication when the patient’s clinical state or any other circumstance justifies it.