Specialized products within reach

We are one of the only pharmacies in Quebec to have a dedicated team for specialized treatments

Gabriel Torani & Habib Haddad pharmacy offers unique, innovative products compliant with the most stringent preparation standards as well as the full range of NAPRA, OPQ and USP quality standards.

We are one of the only pharmacies in Québec to offer specialized treatments and the capacity to advise, serve, prepare and, if need be, dose, mix and deliver a medication to anywhere in Québec. If a given medication is out of stock, Gabriel Torani & Habib Haddad pharmacy can prepare the missing drug on site if the active ingredient is available, as was the case during the 2019 Tamoxifen shortage. During that shortage, our pharmacy was able to supply the drug to all oncology patients who required it.

Pharmacie dédiée aux médicaments spécialisés
Our pharmacy offers mostly specialized medications.

No other departments. No cosmetics. No toothpaste.


Specialized treatments requiring advanced expertise.


Expert pharmacists with advanced-practice training on illnesses treated, specific medications used and access to your bloodwork results for optimal evaluation.

Assistance pour les demandes d’exception d’assurances privées et publiques
Insurance management

Team specialized in insurance reimbursements with knowledge of available financial support programs. End-to-end patient support and guidance.


Appointments available within 24 to 48 hours. Québec Immunization Program. Access to vaccines that are free under the public health system (subject to eligibility) and certain specialized vaccines. Travel health clinic.

Assistance pour les demandes d’exception d’assurances privées et publiques
Delivery expertise

Free delivery to anywhere in Québec; protocol guaranteeing ideal temperatures for all drugs.

Préparations stériles et non stériles
Sterile preparations

State-of-the-art sterile rooms on site.

Préparations non-stériles
Non-sterile preparations

Ventilated room on site for preparation of various compounded prescriptions.

Protocoles oncologiques peros et IV
Per os (oral administration) oncology protocols

Access to the most advanced treatments (wide variety of treatments in stock).

Protocoles oncologiques peros et IV
IV oncology protocols

Access to treatments, preparations on site, fast delivery to infusion centres and close contact with Québec infusion clinics for optimum synergy.

Protocoles oncologiques peros et IV
Related treatments

Knowledge and availability of complementary treatments to ease side effects and optimize treatment efficacy.

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