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Cancer, general information

What is cancer?

It is a disease that originates in our cells, when cell division is disordered, it creates clusters of abnormal cells called tumors. The tumors can then invade neighboring tissues and spread, this is called metastasis. Cancer is named after the part of the body where it originates.

Definition - Quebec Cancer Foundation

Living with Cancer

The different drug treatments

A drug that destroys cancer cells.

Cancer Basics: How chemotherapy works - Canadian cancer society
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Cancer Basics – Taking oral chemotherapy at home – Canadien cancer society
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Chemotherapy – Canadian Cancer Society
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Chemotherapy – Fondation québécoise du cancer
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A drug that slows the growth of cancers that use sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) to develop, such as breast or prostate cancer.

Hormone therapy – Canadian Cancer Society
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A drug that restores the immune system's ability to fight cancer.

Cancer Basics – L'immunotherapy
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Immunotherapy – Canadian Cancer Society
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Immunotherapy to treat cancer - CHUM
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A drug that targets specific molecules (genes, proteins) in cancer cells to stop their growth and spread (does not harm many normal cells).

Targeted treatment – Canadian Cancer Society
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Physician's post-diagnosis assessment of the duration and outcome of the disease

The grade is based on the appearance of the cancer cells and gives us information about how fast the cancer has progressed and how far it has spread. The stage tells us how much cancer is in the body, where it is and how far it has spread.


Stage and grade – Canadian Cancer Society
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Classification - Quebec Cancer Foundation
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1st treatment for cancer, the most common (standard)

Treatment given before other treatments when the tumor is too large to be removed by surgery as is.

Treatment given to destroy cancer cells that may remain after surgery and to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Recurrence of cancer after treatment.

Treatment that is administered to prevent the appearance of cancerous cells.

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